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March 2010 Issue 2

TAKE Gallery, our second issue builds an objective methodology, on the role of the galleries operating within and across the national parameters vis-à-vis the attitude adopted post-recession towards promotion/sales/support vis-à-vis artists and artworks. Galleries in India have upgraded to professional white-cube spaces common in London or New York and high-quality publications are bridging the gap for documentation. In India and the subcontinent, art galleries, and not museums or institutions, pave the way for art and culture unlike art centric cities like Berlin and Zurich, amongst others. Quite evidently, the changing patterns in economic, political and social structures resulted in changes in forces that circulated the economy of art. TAKE Gallery underscores several crucial functions galleries perform today. Some being, examining the role galleries play in supporting the arts and the artist versus the role the artists expect a gallery should play. Are there any chalked out guidelines for galleries or can we make our own rules?

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Are We There Yet?—An Introduction to TAKE Gallery

Alternate Art Spaces/ Enlivened Entities within Formalized Zones

Basement Galleries and Beyond

On-the-go + On-the-way + Out-of-the way

Gift Economies: System of Love and Exchange in ‘Free Mithu’

Chalo Berlin!

A Thin Line

Pop-up Gallery

Re-Boom: Brazilian Contemporary Art Galleries in the 00s

Association + Institution + Collaboration

The Many Heads of Hydra: The Calcutta Art Scene

This is Breaking News

Think Global, Act Local

Gallery Around the Corner

Other Places, Other Faces

Art, Ideology and Galleries

I’ve Been Here…

Amrita Sher-Gil: A Self-Portrait in Letters and Writings

Exploring the Potential of Stillness

A Curious Inheritance

Silent Celebration: Recent Works by Dilip Chobisa

Artistic License: Jitish Kallat in Coversation with Sharmistha Ray

Bhavna Kakar in Conversation with Amrita Jhaveri

Fly on the Wall #1



Basement Galleries and Beyond

It has been a momentous journey for Indian art from the by lanes of Hauz Khas village to swanky locations in luxury malls in the cities which dot the cultural landscapes of the country.

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On-the-go + On-the-way + Out-of-the way

I have, for several years, had excellent relations with galleries across the country. When I started collecting, blissfully unaware of who was who, I was guided by the Sarkar of CIMA and by Geetha Mehra and Usha Gawde at Sakshi. All four wonderful women to whom I am forever indebted.

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Chalo Berlin!

What is fascinating about Europe is Europe’s lack of feeling a historical connection to the rest of the world, Okwui Enwezor told one
 of Holland’s biggest dailies in an interview in 2008.

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