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April 2022 Issue 27

“This issue of TAKE on Art focuses on the production and circulation of printed books, particularly those devoted to the arts of India. A short list of suitable books in any one genre is fraught with the danger of personal subjectivity. With that as a given, my central premise has been on identifying seminal books across a wide gamut of topics that shed new light on the various disciplines of India’s arts. Seminal means different things to different people. My filter for books is purely an integrity of purpose and the creation and articulation of new bodies of knowledge. Books featured across this issue include those on paintings, botanical drawings, photography, cinema, textiles, design, architecture, ecology, children’s publication, material culture, exhibition catalogues and more; all made public within this new era of the Anthropocene.”

—Pramod Kumar K. G., Guest Editor

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TAKE Books: Editor's Note

Why Books?

The Weight of Time

Rock by Rock

Phaalgun sudi 9 samvat 2078

Chittaprosad, A Retrospective

Botanical Drawings

Cock, Indian Firework Art

Molly Emma Aitken, The Intelligence of Tradition in Rajput Court Painting'

Maps of Delhi

A Manifesto for Impermanence

Deccan Traverses, The Making of Bangalore’s Terrain & Soak, Mumbai in an Estuary

Bhimayana as a Dwelling

Two Books for a Past, Present and a Future

Cartography of Bombay Cinema

Indian Tiles, Architectural Ceramics from Sultanate and Mughal India and Pakistan

Subhash Parihar on the Indo-Islamic Architecture of Punjab, India

Mutable, Ceramic and Clay Art in India Since 1947

With Great Truth & Regard, Tapping the Past

Wondrous Love and the Great Mughal Book

TAKE Editions: The Reflection on Critical Art Vocabulary Laced to Economy of the Art Market

For Everyone Archives their Photographs: Dayanita Singh’s Museum Bhavan

A Moving House or a Landscape

Mapping Metamorphosis: A review of Tanmoy Samanta’s ‘The Shape of Home’

Silences and Speaking Out Loud: Varunika Saraf’s ‘Caput Mortuum’

Homeland as a Creative Circuit

Liquid Bodies and Morphing Sites: ‘Adorning Shadows’ by Radhika Khimji


‘All Canaries Bear Watching’: The Pharmakon of Left Curatorialism?

Immigrants of Culture and Nature

An Ode to Afterlife: A Review of Jayasri Burman’s ‘River of Faith’

A Timeless Line

Beyond the Frame: Exploring Contemporary Textile Art with Uthra Rajgopal

Conversations with the Self and the Moon

20th Century Indian Art: Modern, Post-Independence, Contemporary

Bangalore’s Lalbagh: A Chronicle of the Garden and the City

Vivan Sundaram is not a Photographer or Why Vivan Sundaram Returns to Photography

Shahidul Alam, The Tide Will Turn

Reconceiving Genre: Art Documents For The Twentfirst Century

Shilpa Gupta: Drawing in the Dark

Interview with Murti Ahuja

Fly on the Wall


Shaheen Merali