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October 2018 Issue 22

Civilization and architecture are perhaps synonymous. As much as built architecture is a ubiquitous model to tame and direct space, air and light in their most utilitarian sense, the lived qualities that it enables, such as experience of natural phenomena, memory, history and the relationships it nurtures are what distinguish it. In the everyday, we instinctively cherish architecture for its qualitative elements and not its structural proportions. The personalities we imagine into architecture that surround us is often an amalgamation of meanings that its creator, its possessor and its observers across time have endowed it with. This ensures that any attempt at accurate representation is foolhardy.

Photographs of architecture are successful testaments to its subject when it strides the tight-rope between representation and emotion; when it transcends its role as a façade to speak of history, context and the lives that are intertwined with the structure. This issue of TAKE on Art critically asks whether the experience of architecture can be included in its imagery. And its premise is comfortably situated in the contemporary, as we realize that a thorough investigation would need to be had without the aura of canonized history.

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Editor’s Note – Bhavna Kakar

Re-imaging Architecture

Exit Wounds

A Melancholic Encounter: Modernist Architecture and Photography

Pradeep Dalal’s Contrapuntal Moves and Bhopal, MP

Symphony of Light

One Hundred Thousand Small Tales about Architecture

Hera Buyukyascuyan, Deconstructors

Envisioning the Ideal: The Architectural Practice of Bijoy Jain

Chronic City

Photo Essay

Celebrating Habitat - The Real, The Virtual & The Imaginary

Architecture of the New Age: Sonali Rastogi

Photo Architecture

The Sri Lankan Story

Photo Essay

Photo Essay

Modernity, Identity and the Role of the Photographer

Death to Photography

Photography, Architecture and the Elusive Quality of Time

Photo Essay

Urban Oasis

Inhabiting Karl Malte Von Heinz

Photo Essay

Photo Essay

Through the Black Box: Rewriting the Conversation with the Curators of the India Arch Dialogue, 2018

The Pezhumpara Diaries of C. Unnikrishnan

Indian Art Market: Steady & Booming

Jogen Chowdhury’s Story of a Woman

Ravinder Reddy’s Sensually Seductive Garden and Cosmos

The Art of V.S. Gaitonde from the 1970s

Astaguru’s 10 Years Auctioning Journey

Delhi Studio: Kishore Shinde

Delhi Studio: Ompal Sansanwal

Delhi Studio: Dhananjay Singh

Delhi Studio: Phaneendra Nath Chaturvedi

The Art of Sujata Bajaj

Documenting the History of the Banished Book

Do We Locate Ourselves in Asia?

Lucid Dreams and Distant Visions

Monuments of the Contemporary

When My Exotic is Your Authentic

Manu Parekh : 60 Years of Selected Works

A Preview to Desolation

Madhvi Parekh: The Curious Seeker

Gazing Through The Maze

Sub-Plots: Laughing in the Vernacular NGMA, Mumbai


A Regional Archive?

Fly on the Wall #21

Shaheen Merali