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March 2017 Issue 21

Is writing any less of a creative exercise than art making? Or does the creative in writing reside only in its fiction? Art writers have for long woven entire characters, histories and narratives around a single line. They have woven stories too. But unlike social and political commentary in fiction vis-à-vis allegory, ficto-criticism has been an underrated, under-practiced art form.

This issue looks at the role of fiction in art criticism from several points of entry. It is, as several of our issues have been, an homage to art criticism, by emphasising that it requires the same kind of rigorous historicising that we allow art. It is also an experiment in publishing art writing that takes on a language comparable to that of art making, a narrative that is ostensibly an instance of creative practice, as it is with performance writing. We felt that it was important to allow space for writers (and in some cases, artists) within our pages to speculate on histories that could have been written.

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TAKE Fiction: Editor’s Note

Say Who I am or a Broad Private Wink

A Writer’s Discourse

Untitled Blue Station Poem

Complete Love

The Smuggler: A Mural by Sadequain

Concrete (In three parts)

Resistance: Ramkinkar Baij

Delicate Animals

Ghosts of Ghan-Town

Dream is the Preface to Death

The Last Bite, and not The Last Supper

Kerala Boy

Irrecoverable Faces

Play it again, Hopper

Checkered Script

Fictioning the Landscape: Robert Smithson and Ruins in Reverse

Summons to the Witch: Hyperstition in the Age of Incredulity

Outside Exit

A Still Place in a Moving World

The Cut

Past Forward

Falling In Love (Again): India’s Weaves Story

Organic Quake

Technologies of Elegance

Regal Renaissance: The Royal Opera House Re-opens

Prudential Discourses: Moments in Anecdotal History

Art Dubai: A Strategic Global Hub

Subversions of Faith and Truth

Encounters of the Remote Kind: Temporal Flicker

Valley of Flowers: Dileep Sharma

Regional Solidarity: Asian Curatorial Forum

An Art (Af)Fair

A Very Deep Surface—Mani Kaul & Ranbir Singh Kaleka: Between Film and Video

Fly on the Wall #20

Shaheen Merali