TAKE on Art is a leading art journal that has been published from New Delhi since 2009. Delivering comprehensive and authoritative coverage, reportage and critique, TAKE has become an influential force within the Indian and South Asian art scene.

Led by editor and publisher Bhavna Kakar, TAKE on Art’s curated approach to content – on topics which diversify into design, activism, theatre, films, poetry and literature – has helped it develop a strong reputation for confronting issues across a variety of genres.

TAKE on Art continues to build on its success, confronting the need for accurate reporting, thoughtful criticism and creative responses through the medium of print and digital publication.


In print TAKE on Art has an international readership that runs to 15,000, distributed through retail outlets, news stands, leading bookstores, airport retailers, galleries and hotels across India and at selected international museums, art fairs and auction houses.  TAKE travels extensively to landmark art events, art fairs, biennales and book fairs globally.

At the core of TAKE’s international circulation is a hub of regular subscribers, who continue to engage with, and support, its activities.

“From critical analysis to inside scoop, TAKE provides a global picture of contemporary art in South Asia.  The list of contributors reads like a Who’s Who in this field, top scholars and market-makers share their opinions and thoughts in what has become a leading platform for anyone  interested in the subject.”

– Amin Jaffer, International Director, Asian Art, Christie’s

“I have observed several issues of TAKE and have found it very objective, constructive and full of thought provoking articles and essays. It is beautifully designed and printed.”

– Gulammohammed Sheikh, Painter, Writer and Art Critic

“The intriguing teaser campaign which launched TAKE, set the note for this art magazine. It very soon became the most widely read, serious (not obstruce) art magazine on the Indian scene. Its appeal is wide – collectors, artists, curators and everyone else within the art world lauds its content and intent. In every issue there is something for everyone.”

– Geetha Mehra, Director, Sakshi Gallery

TAKE on Art is now also available digitally through the online subscription platform, Magster, which has dramatically increased its circulation and regular readership. The recent launch of TAKE’s new e-zine has created a central digital communication channel through which thoughtful criticism and creative responses are now presented in real-time.


TAKE on Art remains the only South Asian art journal to have consecutively participated at Art Basel (2011 – 2016), Art Basel Miami (2009 – 2014), Art Basel HK (2012 – 2016), Art HK (2011), Art Dubai (2013 – 2012), Art Istanbul (2010), Art Stage Singapore (2011 – 2010), India Art Fair (2016 – 2013), Art Expo (2009), India Art Collective (2012), Art Chennai (2014 – 2011) and the India Art Festival (2013 – 2011).


Since launching in 2009, TAKE on Art’s launches have become legendary. Past issues have been launced at key events in cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Basel, Istanbul and Hong Kong.  TAKE has hosted the India Art Fair (formerly India Art Summit) pre-party ahead of the fair’s 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions.


TAKE Residency was awarded the National Award for Excellence in Printing 2013, TAKE Design was awarded the National Award for Excellence in Printing 2012, and TAKE Modern was awarded the National Award for Excellence in Printing 2011, an award organised by the All India Federation of Master Printers.


For promotional purposes, TAKE on Art regularly teams up with sister concern, Latitude 28, accessing the gallery’s vast mailing list of around 40,000 contacts – including 10,000 collectors and international corporates – through email newsletters.

TAKE’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts help to supplement its international brand exposure, engaging with followers through timely updates about outreach activity, magazine launches and relevant arts and culture news.

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