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March 2014 Issue 13

In a transitional society like ours, where political forces have instrumentalised religion through the politics of identity, the intelligentsia are justly wary of religious experience. Is it even possible to discuss the sacred as a source of regeneration; to discuss the metaphysical, sublime and subliminal aspects of the sacred? This is the central theme of this issue of TAKE on Art.

TAKE Sacred will reflect critically on the resources of the sacred and the varied interpretations it has received from artists, critics, architects, poets, historians, graphic novelists and sociologists; the focus will be on the visual arts and their relationship to other cultural articulations. The pages that follow are populated by the arguments and stories of artists and writers belonging to all persuasions: atheists, believers and agnostics.

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TAKE Sacred: Editor’s Note

TAKE Sacred: Guest Editor’s Note

Sacred/ Scared: A Lexicon of What it’s About and What it’s Not

Finding Fonseca: An Unknown Genius Emerges

Zones of Risk

A Weave of Voices Interprets Wael Shawky’s Art: Performing Turbulence

TAKE/ Sacred Colloquium with Gulammohammed Sheikh, Nilima Sheikh, Ram Rahman and Anita Dube

John Berger on Art and the Mystery of Creativity: The Colour of the Cosmos

A Conversation with Neha Choksi: Transcending the Tragic Limit

The World According to Ouroboros

On Jompet Kuswidananto’s Java’s Machine: The Syncretic/ Eclectic Machine

Religious Architecture in the Konkan: Politicising the Sacred

Architecture as a Juxtaposition of Images: Thinking about Charles Correa’s Forms and Spaces

Translation of Akho - True Insight is the Casualty

Conversation with Valsan Koorma Kolleri: Understanding the Subtle Policies of Nature

Re-presenting and Re-interpreting the Mahabharata: Does the Sacred have to be Scary?

Dharma to Dhamma: Ambedkar’s Relevance Today


The Escape Project

I think it Rains

In her own Voice

The War is Over!

The Other Side of Time

Folk Goes Biblical

Debi - A Multidimensional Project

Palmscapes and Bronze

Postmortem (After Gagawaka)

We are Ours: A Collection of Manifestos for the Instant

Poetry in Paint

Aesthetic Bind - Subject of Death

Rebirth in the Land of Gold

The Encyclopedic Palace

It Happened One Night in Mumbai

An Absence of Presence - Istanbul Biennale September 2013

Paresh Maity

The Wendell Rodricks Collection

Fly On The Wall

The Political in the Historical/ Rummana Hussain

Parvez Kabir - An Untamed Flicker

Shaheen Merali