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March 2013 Issue 12

Unlike the otherwise esoteric realm of ‘high art’, photography as an art form is a medium that reaches a wider audience. While most invest this interest in keeping up with technological breakthroughs, this has also somewhat alienated the visual form from serious critical study and curatorial interest. Even though this has been a short-fall, the status of the image made possible through photography, has faced radical shifts as observed by contemporary scholarship. Mass reproduction, circulation, the internet and the digital technology, all have altered our ‘ways of seeing’. All throughout TAKE Photography, the aim has been to provide critical and relevant spaces to consider how photography shapes and is shaped by, wider cultural, social and political currents that in turn change our own understanding of the world.

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TAKE Photography I: Editor’s Note

TAKE Photography I: Guest Editor’s Note

Photography in India: Patronage and Challenges - A Conversation with Abhishek Poddar

Musings on Fine Art Photography - A conversation with Bandeep Singh

Photography: A General Introduction

The Study and Practice of Photography in the Indian Context

Tracing the Roots of Colonial Photography

A Photographer on Curating Photography

Notes on Sexuality and Gender in Photography

A Seeker of Visions: A Conversation with Raghu Rai

Beyond Photography

Dayanita Singh: The Adventures of a Photographer

Critical Cultures Re-envisioned: The British Photography, Film & Installation Collective Common Culture Interviewed

The Importance of Photo Archiving

Photography Art Market and Running a Photo Gallery: Trials, Tribulations and Joys

Cult of the Libido

Photo Essay

Challenges in Photography

Something Called the Family Archive

Form as Medium: Art and Photography

The Documentarian and the Visionary: Gigi Scaria’s Recent Photographs and Video Works

The Contemporary Abundance of Photographs is an Opportunity for New Documentation

Instances of Assimilating the Fallacy of the Photographic Image in Artistic Practices

Subverting the Real

Advertising Photography: Narrative and Storytelling

Photo Essay

On Curating a Photography Quaterly

The Delhi Photo Festival

Voices of Tomorrow – Photo Essays by 12 Young Photographers

The Sahmat Collective - Art and Activism in India Since 1989

My Life is my Message

Idea of the Sublime

Canvas of Thread

Between the Waves

A Score for the Uncharted

Echoes, Whispers, Songs and Screams

Experimenter Curators’ Hub - A Mid-wife Turns Enabler

Ancient Earth

Fly on the Wall #11

Shaheen Merali