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March 2011 Issue 6

Who drives the wheels in the art market? Collectors, galleries, artists, dealers, power brokers, savvy investors, flippers, fakes, or fund managers!! Does the bullish market follow a local or global mantra? Can its wobbling be attributed to some definite factors? Does a primary player transverse at a certain stage and don the role of secondary market player to pocket profits and sustain oneself? Is there a ‘business model’, which can be endorsed as ‘the order of the day’? Is there anything like the synergy levels of the two different market performers? Can the secondary market successfully manage a living artist’s primary market? These uncertainties, risks and misconceptions inherent in art speculation remain one of the most intriguing subjects of debate amongst the art fraternity. The word ‘market’ becomes a taboo.

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TAKE Market: Editor's Note

New World Order as the Art Market Moves East

Treading with Caution? Art Markets in Uncertain Times

Myth and Metaphor in the Art Market

Wealth Tax Commeth

Nirmalya Kumar’s Tryst with the Urban ‘Patua’, Jamini Roy

An Af'fair' to Remember – Will Ramsay

Interview with Dinesh and Minal Vazirani

A Chronicle of Missed Hearbeats

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Secondary Art Market in Calcutta

‘From the Medicis to the Maharajas’ – In Conversation with Nitin Bhayana

Who’s the Fairest of Them All

Lapsing into the Dark Side? – The Art Markets in Uncertain Times

Simon de Pury – MINTed

The Pill

Formulation: Articulation

Paresh Maity/ Pritish Nandy: A Visual Jugal Bandhi

Urban Maze, Counter Gaze

Right to Dissent

'Hold On'


Negotiating Home, History and Nation

Rina Banerjee – When a Horde of Exquisite Monsters Invades the Largest Collection of Asian Art in Paris...

Were I A Runner...

The European Odyssey

Asia is in the air...

The Venice Biennale, The National Presentation, and the End of Western Dominance

Singapore Biennale 2011 – Open House

Prague Biennale

Sujata Bajaj

Picturing Pakistan

Fly on the Wall #5


Homage to ‘The Master’

Sumakshi Singh

An Exercise in Trust

Shaheen Merali