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March 2011 Issue 5

In this issue of TAKE, we attempt to look into the productive function of forgetting as a mode of facilitating ‘rebeginnings’ and seeking inexact, non-linear pathways to address the relatively short history of curating in India as well as recent shifts in the field. This is not an effort to create a temporal archive and yet we have sourced archival content; choosing to present documents as social narratives and cultural residue rather than facts of a well-rehearsed past. This anthology does not aim to treat curatorial history as an emergent, alternate canon. Instead, it strives to converse with a series of ‘moments’—set in the past, present, and future—through personal articulations. In itself, the issue is by no means either exhaustive or accurate, since remembrance is treated more like a screen upon which memory traces are projected, in a manner that both conceals and reveals an ‘ongoing construction of ‘(semi)fictions’.

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TAKE Curation: Editor’s Note

TAKE Curation: Guest Editor’s Note

TAKE Curation: Guest Editor’s Note

Bauhaus Calcutta

When a Philosophy was Materialized: Excavating a Herald for Present Day Curatorial Practices

Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation - Photo Essay

J. Swaminathan and Group 1890

‘FOCUS’ 1979

‘Place for People’: An Introduction

Present-ing Pasts - Photo Essay

On Questions and Dialogue

‘Hum Sab Ayodhya’

The Dismantling of ‘Combine’

Century City, Ten Years Later...

Do What You Will: Identity Exhibitions and Contemporary Indian Vernacular Art

Curating Photographic History: The Indira Gandhi Memorial and the Sunil Janah Archive

Curating Photography - From Activism to Art

On Curating: The Making of a Modern Indian Artist – Craftsman Devi Prasad

The Business of Wide-Eyed Seeing: Remembering Dashrath Patel

Colonial Sisters - Photo Essay

City as Studio - An Introduction

At the Coed Dance

Curatorial Lessons

Biennale Perspective

Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Exhibiting the New Art: Book Review

Why Indian Galleries are Planting Firm Roots at Art Fairs

Deus ex Machina at a black tie event: The invisible hand in Pors & Rao’s storytelling

Tract - Arun Kumar HG

The Feminist’s Cartographer

On Anil Revri

Of Different Times and Spaces

Sweet Unease: Ranbir Kaleka

Ouroboros - Seema Kohli

Future is Now - Nam June Paik

The Phantom Lady Strikes Again - Lady on a Bicycle

In Conversation - T.V. Santhosh

An Exercise in Trust

The Dialogue Series

The Power of Comic: Reality Check and Popular Fantasies

The Dare and Bare of The Harappa Files by Sarnath Banerjee

Fly on the Wall #4

Alvida, Maqbool Fida (Farewell, Maqbool Fida): M.F. Husain, Free at Last

Shaheen Merali