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March 2015 Issue 16

What are the mysterious ways in which the art world works? It is undeniably built upon commercial transactions amongst other things and consequently the market. The circuit gives the impression that it can easily be mapped by defining networks that include dealers, galleries, auction houses, collectors and museums. The ways in which art can be marketed does not reduce itself to billboards, commercials or advertorials – the idea itself seems absurd. Auction houses, galleries and art fairs probably indicate a straight forward economy, but throw in the proliferation of biennales, foundations, residencies, and funding agencies, and the possibility that one work can simultaneously access all these spaces, we have an alphabet soup, not a sure shot formula of demand and supply.

This issue hopes to somewhat loosen this knot of various strands, and observe if there indeed is a method to the madness of the art world. Towards this end we have featured a series of conversations between art writers/ historians and key players in the business of art to unravel the multiple levels at which the art world functions. The intent as usual with TAKE, hasn’t been to develop a formula or push for singular understandings, but to let discourses evolve, intact with their contradictions and multiple vantage points.

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TAKE Business: Editor’s Note

Cultural Crossovers: Conversation with Dr. Amin Jaffer

The Currency of Indian Art: Conversation with Anders Petterson

The Business of Philanthropy: Conversation with Feroze Gujral

Vision and Revision: Neha Kirpal describes the Myriad Challenges and Rewards of the India Art Fair on the Eve of its 7th Edition

Sink or Swim, but Always Build: Conversation with Dinesh Vazirani

The ABCs of the Indian Art Market: Art, Business and Connoisseurship

Continued Commitment: Conversation with William Robinson

Collecting Indian Antiquities - Old is Gold: Conversation with Deepak Natesan

Asia Triennial Manchester: Conflict, Compassion and China


Mapping a Jouney Across Experience

Salvaged Shadows

The Reading Room

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014

In Rarer Air: 10 Entries in an Untimely Calendar

Oneiric House [round about midnight]: Genres of Insomnia and Madness

Alterations in Perceptions - Alternative Curatorial Practices

Dhaka Diaries

The Phantom Lady: VadFest, Vibrant Gujarat and Shining India

Fly On The Wall #15

Shaheen Merali