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Ravinder Reddy

Torso by G. Ravinder Reddy




Hand gilded on polyester resin fiber Exclusive Edition of 30


9 inches




Not Available


Sculpted in fiberglass, ‘Torso’ is a stylistic tribute to the Mathura-Gupta period of ancient Indian sculpture circa 4th-6th century AD. Reddy’s work blends contemporary pop art and Hindu sculptural tradition. He also draws inspiration from Asian, Egyptian, Mayan and early Greek cultures which made a strong impression on him in terms of monumentality, the strength of the form, and overpowering presence. The gold colour of the 'Torso', becomes significant both in everyday life (as turmeric) and is also rooted in our religious associations. The colour also enhances the shape and makes the form stand out. This sculpture shows Reddy's desire to experiment with both the content and the material leading to use fiberglass which offers diverse possibilities both in terms of scale, handling, moulding along with the rendition of colour as part of the sculptural quality. Ravinder Reddy’s deep observation of life around him remains his main source of inspiration for this sculpture as well. The sculpture is life-like and detailed that makes the viewer to constantly look at it and at the same time, touch it. The 9 inches of a naked torso celebrates the curvaceous female bodies. Ravinder Reddy is internationally renowned for his monumental and larger than life heads, and has rarely created a sculpture in this size. ‘Torso’ is a limited edition sculpture exclusively made for TAKE on art.

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