Swayam Siddha: The Self Realized

Video still from the Film Swayamsiddha – Myth, Mind and Movement (7 mins).

Seema Kohli received a gold medal for her film Swayamsiddha – Myth, Mind and Movement at the Florence Biennale 2009 in Florence, Italy. Renowned artist Yusuf Arakkal had been the recipient of the same honour 8 years back in 2001. The film based on the concept of Hiranyagarbha, evolved from a mantra of the Yajur Veda was earlier selected to be shown at Arco, Spain at the Vallodid in Gabbaron Museum and was later at Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA) along with her show. The film was also nominated as the first 5 short films at the Asian First Film Festival in Singapore.

Seema Kohli has been working on the concept of Swayamsiddha since 2003 but it was only in 2006 after rigorous sessions of research and interactions that the film and the sculptural installation was formulated. The 7 minute film with performances by Seema Kohli and Himani is structured as a two projection video installation and probes the framework of physicality, energy, movement, and being. A painter of diverse styles Kohli adapted a multi-disciplinary role in the video and as a performer did washes on the floor treating it like her obsessive canvas. Imbibing the role of a sculptor, materials like bubble paper, corrugated sheets became a part of her integral expression. The artist concludes “While I do realize that every artist is doing his/her own thing, I also believe that ultimately, each and every human being will be the cause of and will lead the way to his/her own liberation. And it was this notion that I wished to infuse in the film.”

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