Panel Discussion: Towards Ecological Aesthetics: A Conversationalist Route between Conservations and Critical Experience of Ecological Function

When: December 23, 2023, 5 - 6:30 PM
Where: CCA Building, Bikaner House, New Delhi

The seeds of this panel discussion were sown while deliberating upon the aesthetic beauty of nature and its ecological function. The act to pause and ponder in itself is a gesture towards the lopsided balance between nature, a manifestation of the ideal beauty and its benevolence to nurture human life. The convergence of these two seemingly disparate fields has given rise to the concept of ecological aesthetics—a framework that seeks to explore and understand the interplay between environmental conservation and the critical experience of ecological function. This perspective prompts a shift from the traditional conservation paradigm, which often emphasizes preservation for its own sake, to a more dynamic and participatory model that encourages active dialogue with the environment. Navigating the terrain of landscape planning, design and environmental issues, the panellists shall dig deeper into the phenomena of human engagement with landscape surroundings. The experiential dimension serves as a bridge between conservation efforts and the broader public, allowing for a more inclusive and participatory approach to environmental stewardship. The panel discussion delves into the evolving discourse surrounding ecological aesthetics, aiming to uncover the potential for a conversationalist route that bridges the gap between conservation efforts and the nuanced appreciation of ecological systems. Furthermore, the conversationalist route envisions a synergy between scientific knowledge and artistic expression. Integrating the two realms can enhance the public’s comprehension of ecological complexities.