Launch of Body/Language by Ranjana Dave, winner of AWA 22

When: 12th April 2024
Where: LATITUDE 28

Body/ Language by Ranjana Dave examines the relationship between spoken language and the body in performance. She traces this relationship through layered readings of artistic works, popular culture and contemporary society, drawing on her own practice and history of work in writing and dance, between text and movement. The time she spent researching and writing Body/ Language allowed Ranjana to dwell on processes of improvisation in performance and writing. Using autoethnography, critical theory and movement improvisation, she explores how language shapes the body, and how the body in turn shapes language, enabling performances of identity and belonging. Ranjana structures the text choreographically, inviting audiences and readers to situate themselves in it, not just through language or memory, but also somatically, through their embodied experience.