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September 2013 Issue 10

This issue is by no means a comprehensive survey of the topic of sculpture, but will leave you with some new ideas about the achievements thus far, and the potential for sculpture in India. In a country where the climate makes it difficult to maintain any material object, does art have to be permanent? Guest Editor Diana Campbell was privileged to spend time with six artists in conversation about ephemeral sculpture. Their dialogue raised many questions in her head, including obvious ones: how can one support the type of work they are talking about? What is the process to take an idea into a newly commissioned work? How can platforms for public art improve in this country? What are challenges to curating exhibitions with sculpture, especially in the context of the failed India survey exhibitions? An issue on sculpture has been long overdue. And nothing could’ve been more appropriate for the theme of the tenth issue of TAKE on Art.

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TAKE Sculpture: Editor’s Note

TAKE Sculpture: Guest Editor’s Note

A Visual Timeline of Indian Sculpture

A History of Indian Antiquities

Ramkinkar Baij and Modern Indian Sculpture

International Sculpture in India: 1960 – 1980

A Survey of Emerging Contemporary Sculptors from Around the World

Conversation with Rina Banerjee

Sculpture as Social Intervention - A Conversation with Ernesto Neto

Louise Bourgeois: Alone and Together

Suspending States/ Suspended Place: Three Works

A Letter to Sudarshan

Commissioning Sculpture: From A to Z

Taking the ‘Productive Turn’ - Conversation with Eve Lemesle

Crafts Revisited: A Glimpse into Contemporary Swiss Sculpture

Conversation with Michelle D’Souza

Sculpture for Social Good

FAKE Encounter

The Aesthetics of Ethics

Conversation with Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani

Kollancheri Puthanveettil Krishnakumar (1958-1989)

SomnathHore – Wounds

The Large Indian Survey Exhibitions: A Post-mortem

Open Eye Policy

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Museum Display of Indian Classical Sculpture & Architecture

Art as a Place

A Survey of Medium in Contemporary Sculpture

Artist’s Intervention

Editions, Certificates, and a Funny Sculpture by Andrea Zittel


A New Threshold

The Dream Imagined - Thukral and Tagra/ Meissen

Feasting and Fasting

Games she needed to play

Everything/ Nothing

Hope is the Thing with Feathers


Postings to a Fragile Earth

Re-orienting the Queer in Art



Sandarbh Jaipur - A New Situation

Tripping the Art Fantastic in Historic Fort Kochi

Through the curatorial eye - An account of the first research residency program of the Art Scribes Award

Entangled Lives

Quick Draw

Fly on the Wall #9

Shaheen Merali