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March 2013 Issue 11

The history of the idea of the residency stretches far behind in time to over a century ago, contrary to popular assumptions. Yet, very little work remains on this trajectory in the absence of a repository that charts the contemporary history of the residency. Most research that exists on this subject occurs within the premises of residencies, not without the constraints of individual interests as well as the organizations that support them. While varying degrees of subjectivities stimulates all discourses, TAKE identified the need for a platform where the phenomenon can be discussed on a relatively neutral territory. This issue hopes to fill that role, discussing this proliferation of residencies over the last decade as a practice and as a format, adding to current debate and dialogue with a series of critical and personal reflections and provocations, while bringing together some of the existing resources and references.

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TAKE Residency: Editor’s Note

TAKE Residency Roundtable

Visiting the Neighbours

The Building up of a Network of Residencies in Maghreb and Beyond

Keeping Institutions Contemporary: Residencies and the Curatorial

In Search for New Models

Artist on the Move: Loaded Lightness, Forced Mobility and Fixity

Conversation and Contradiction

A Personal Perspective on Residencies

Residency Programmes and the New Economic Order in Brazil

Notes on Residencies: Italy

Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense: Of Residencies and Other Terminology

A Residency, What For?

The Potential of Here and There: Reflections on Artist Residencies

An Abridged Ethical Guide to Residencies, From the Application Period to the Completion of the Residency

International Artist Workshops and all that Jazz

Apki kripa ke liye anek anek dhanyavad. Namaste.

Coming with a Suitcase, Leaving with the Wish to Stay Longer


The Transcendental Mirror

Sound of Silence

Nothing is Absolute - A Journey Through Abstraction

The Pattoki Express

Transitional Landscapes

Weaving into Networks, Building Cobwebs - Musings over Reena Saini Kallat’s Recent Work

Holding up the Sky and Earth

Epitome of all Essentials Elements

Everything/ Nothing

BOM>JFK>NDL: All in a New York Minute

Re:emerge - Towards a New Cultural Safety Sharjah Biennale 2013

An Elegy to Paper: Dayanita Singh’s File Museum

Understanding Raza, Many Ways of Looking at a Master

Ketaki Sheth: A Certain Grace, The Sidi: Indians of African Descent

Present Grace

Trace Retrace: Paintings Nilima Sheikh

Beijing Residency: A Personal Account

Amrita Sher-Gil National Art Week in Chandigarh

Anatomy of Silence

Quick Draw

Fly On The Wall #10

Art and Politics

Artists in Her Residence

Shaheen Merali