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March 2016 Issue 18

In the eyes of most photographers and theorists, the digitalisation of the image has fundamentally changed the nature of photography—its practice, its form, its consumption. Yet, despite the radical impact of digitalisation on photography as a whole, discussion on this subject has been developing unevenly. On the one hand, the highly visible and ubiquitous nature of images on social media has meant that a broad range of scholarly and artistic activity looks at digitalisation in relation to space, time, memory and public engagement with the medium. Likewise, philosophical enquiries—both theoretical and artistic—have dug into the very ontology of the digital image, questioning not only its connection to the objective world but its very status as a photograph. Photography has probably witnessed changes more rapidly than any other medium. Every few decades, the objects that evoke identifications with the medium has altered in form and function. It was compelling to add these alterations to our earlier issue, not to replace it, but to supplement it, and in our way document these interesting times.

It has been a little over two years since the last time TAKE looked at photography. In the meanwhile, the tech crazy, visually overloaded universe that we occupy, exploded. The transformations in visual culture have been so rapid, we have barely had time to analyse the overwhelming flood of images.

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TAKE Photography: Editor’s Note

TAKE Photography: Guest Editor’s Note

The Commercial Elephant in the Room: The Curious Silence in the Discussions on Digital

#Photosketching: Towards a New Personal Visual Language

A Pilgrimage in Search of Robert Frank’s Americans

Making and Unmaking Delhi Modern

Materialising the Immaterial: Multiple Valences of the Photographic Image in Contemporary Art

Arresting Time: A Conversation with Ketaki Sheth

Else all will be Still: Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation in the Ecological Photography of Ravi Agarwal

Rehearsing the Witness

On the Water's Edge: The Artistic Practice of Atul Bhalla

A Brush with Photography: Conversations with Remen Chopra and Kartik Sood


Searching for Identity

Dear Love

Auto Image

dot jpeg

Image-Maker: A Conversation with Richard Billingham

The New Sublime



YU: The Lost Country

Staging the Image

A Curatorial Eye: Exhibiting Photography through Archives of the Present

In a Contemplative Tone

‘How can you Deny these Flowers?’

Transcending Reality

Estranging the Canon

Pop Goes the Canon

Weaving Tales

The Artist as a Clairvoyant

Tales of Terror told with a Gentle Touch


Aesthetics over Content

A New Germany through Sibylle Beremann’s Lens

Quintessentially Bengali

TAKE Gives Back

The Politics of Friendship

A Fesitival to Remember

Jeram Patel: The Sher Khan will roar no more

Hema Upadhyay


Fly On The Wall #17

Shaheen Merali