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August 2014 Issue 14

A second edition of TAKE Collector has been in the pipeline ever since the previous issue was published in 2012. It was obvious from the beginning that, however elaborate, one issue would not be enough, to accommodate the varied visions and diverse collecting practices of influential collectors of Indian and South Asian art. Especially in the light of the nearly non-existent documentation and importance that contemporary discourse in India attributes to this topic, not to mention the occasional disdain by the more rigid (read smug) critics.

Through a format similar to the previous TAKE Collector, we began the journey of coaxing these reclusive and sometimes fiercely private, but passionate and enthusiastic hoarders into speaking up about their process and aesthetic inclinations – why they collect what they do. TAKE Collector prompts all emerging and established collectors to identify the need to not just collect but maintain, display, store and archive!

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TAKE Collector II: Editor’s Note

Conversation with Sunil Hirani

Conversation with Dara Mehta

Mehta Museum without Wall - Conversation with Rita and Yogesh Mehta

A Journey of Passion - Conversation with Dattaraj Salgaocar

The Dubai Odyssey - The Collection of Dolly & Lovraj Talwar

Conversation with Harsh Goenka

Collecting Practices of Sunita & Vijay Choraria

A History of Indian Printmaking Through the Collection of Waswo X Waswo

Conversation with Lekha Poddar

Conversation with Shalini Passi

Conversation with Arjun Sawhney

Conversation with Samir Modi

Conversation with V Sanjay Kumar

Conversation with Akshay Chudasama

Conversation with Radhika Chopra

Crossing Borders - Conversation with Taimur Hassan

Conversation with Uli Sigg

Major Collections of Classical Indian Art in America

Collecting Art and Patronage in Indonesia

The Art of Memory - The Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum in Qatar

Conversation with Walter Vanhaerents

A New World Order - Collecting Practices of Dr Dick Quan

Conversation with Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal

Collecting Digital Art

Sea of Oblivion

Atul Dodiya

The Kama Sutra, Spirituality and Eroticism in Indian Art

Black Art


Citizen Artist

Civil Disturbances

Accidental Perfection

Every Broken Moment, Piece by Piece

Retrospective on Indian Cinema - Curated Works of Nemai Ghosh

Video Art: Impressions from the Global South

Dhaka Art Summit 2014

River of Memories

St. Art Delhi

The Unrealised is the Contemporary: Common Ground

Fly On The Wall #13

Shaheen Merali