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July 2012 Issue 9

Art makes a commodity and market out of something that has very little material value and at the same time is deemed priceless, which makes it almost impossible to formulaically predict the way the system functions. What we attempt to unravel here is the art of collecting, one that feeds and is sustained by the art world. Taking that further, it seemed fair to allow the collector some discursive space, and what better place for it than TAKE!

The process of putting this issue together threw patches of light on the figure of the collector. In every one of them, in varying proportions lies the whimsical, erratic hoarder, as well as the strategic mind that hunts down what she/ he wants. But interestingly for most, more than the collection, it is the process that is compulsive. It would be safe to say that there is a subjective, individual logic behind collecting art. Most art collectors are capable of the passion and scholarship of an ornithologist, the compulsiveness of a gambler, the intuition of a stock broker and the impulsiveness of a shopaholic while they would all be rather known for their connoisseurship.

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TAKE Collector I: Editor's Note

Towards a Museum Culture: A Conversation with Kiran Nadar and Anupam Poddar

Comrades in Art: Collecting Practices of Czaee Shah

A Conversation with Tina Ambani

An Eclectic Eye: The Collecting Practices of Abhishek Poddar

The Reticent Collector: The Collecting Practices of Sanjay Parthasarathy

Connecting the Dots: A Conversation with Sandeep Reddy

The Beholder: A Conversation with Mukeeta Jhaveri

A Conversation with Sangita Jindal

Singled Out: Conversation with Ashiesh Shah

A Method in his Madness: Conversation with Anurag Khanna

In an Erstwhile Cinema, Dreams are Reinvented: A Conversation with Manish Maker

A Conversation with Priya Paul

A Five Star Perspective: The Collecting practices of Namita Saraf

Collecteur Savant: A Conversation with Sandiip Bhammer

Collecting Threads of Identity: A Conversation with Ranvir Shah

House as a Museum: Conversation with Lilly Vijayaraghavan

America Collects

The Collecting Practices of Sandra Mulliez and Edouard Carmignac

An Insight into the Curatorial Process: A Conversation with Monique Burger and her Curatorial Team

Rethinking Museums: A Conversation with Ramin Salsali

Conversation with Dr. Colin Lim

An Art Collector’s Work in Progress: A Conversation with Rudy Tseng

Vivan Sundaram, Gagawaka: Making Strange

'American Psyche’ - A Window of Perception

Moody Melodies

Faith - Manu Parekh

Between the Lines

The Cinema and the City

Your Name is Different There

The Object Stares Back

Postcards from Benode Bihari Mukherjee

To the Light

Fly On The Wall #8

dOCUMENTA (13) - Photo Essay

dOCUMENTA (13) - A Report

dOCUMENTA Afghanistan

Curation and the ‘Cure of Souls’ Through Art in Our Times

Paresh Maity - Man of Many Mediums

Remembering Prabuddha

Shaheen Merali